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I am so grateful for

this delicious cup of Chai tea, the Tarragon chicken salad I enjoyed for lunch, seeing Jeramiah on his 3rd birthday, my wonderful laptop, the creativity I have, my visit with June, Starbucks being a wonderful office on the go! Being able to enjoy helping Tymon last night with his project, spending time with Chelsea. Continue reading

I am so grateful for the wonderful hot tea I  enjoyed this morning my comfortable beautiful home June’s creativity with making the RST book so attractive to Moms how much fun the RST project has been being able to watch Aaron and Ryan dancing and having so much fun… Continue reading

I am so grateful for the wonderful bike ride I took early this morning with my friend Sandi, how much fun it was to ride a bike like this one in the picture, the fun I had riding to the Farmers Market near the McKinney Square and all the wonderful… Continue reading

5 Steps to Feel Better

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