Hypnosis Facts and Myths

One of the misconceptions people have about hypnosis is that the hypnotist can get you to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do; divulge a personal secret, act silly in front of your peers, these are just myths. Hypnosis helps you to do what you have consciously decided you want to do. Hypnosis puts you into a relaxed state where your conscious mind; the analytical, judgmental and critical mind, is bypassed and positive suggestions that we write together are accepted by your subconscious. Your subconscious is the greatest computer on earth and it is programmed by outside events- other people’s opinions of you, television, the media etc. Under hypnosis you reprogram your mind for success.

How many times have you thought of an area you’d like to improve in your life? This thought is often followed by a negative thought.

Here’s an example: “I really want to lose 20 lbs.” “I’ve tried so many times before, it’s just too hard, I don’t have the willpower”. With hypnosis you are put into a state of relaxation where all of those negative thoughts that keep popping up from your conscious mind are quieted down, allowing your subconscious to be reached so it can be reprogrammed for success.

Hypnosis is your opportunity to tap into your inner strengths and make positive changes for yourself.

Most of us have heard of the common areas hypnosis can help us with; Smoking cessation & weight release. There are many other areas of your life that can be improved with hypnosis. For example: have you ever felt that the papers on your desk just multiply before your eyes? Hypnosis can help you with motivation, organizational skills,athletic performance and even increasing your sales.

I use hypnosis along with personalized positive affirmations to help you empower yourself to attain your goals. It all starts with a positive attitude and an open mind, which you have evident by the fact that you are taking the time to read about hypnosis. Everything we do starts with a thought and is helped to come to fruition by a positive attitude. In a hypnosis session that positive attitude can be taken one step further by using positive affirmations that we write together that are personal to you, and self hypnosis to improve yourself in a multitude of areas.