Hypnosis/EFT Testimonials

Used EFT to relieve fear

“I’ve been out of work for 5 months and have not been able to find a job. My unemployment benefits have nearly run out. Recently, I’ve been feeling an increasing sense of fear and dread at the thought of ending up with no income. I’ve had an almost constant sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and have been feeling very sad.
Last week, Pam did an EFT session with me over the phone to help me get rid of the fear so I can think positively about getting a job. I was pretty skeptical about it, but did it anyway. I still can’t believe that it worked! The morning after my session with Pam, I was called for an interview (that went extremely well). I’m pretty sure I will be offered the position, but even if it doesn’t work out I know something else will. And the best part is that I’m not walking around with that debilitating fear! Thanks, Pam!”

Donna H. New York

Testimonial after being hypnotized for procrastination and overeating

“I have been able to control my evening eating since my session with Pam. This helped me to only gain 1.5 lbs on an eleven day cruise when the average person gains 10 lbs.I also have been helped in the area of procrastination. I am accomplishing more each day and I have better self esteem because of getting things done in a timely manner.”
Catherine, Texas

Testimonial after EFT and hypnosis for self esteem and dealing positively with ending a relationship.

“Pam, it was great having this experience with you. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during my first hypnotic session ever…..At the beginning I was kind of skeptical but as the session continued I felt very good. From now on I will go out and take care of myself and love myself very, very much.”
Esmeralda, Texas

Used EFT and Hypnosis to regain self control

Hi Pam, I wanted to thank you for what you did for me. After many years of smoking and trying many things to quit, your session has done it!! I have gone two months now successfully, and have not smoked! I was skeptical at first and then you told me if I did not lose my desire at the end of the session, I did not have to pay. I would recommend anyone to try it. For me it worked!
Thank you , Bill T.

Pam Robinson with Focus on Hypnosis can help you change your life. You will instantly begin to see changes and you’ll be excited and proud of yourself. Her techniques are very effective. She is truly interested in your success. She’s very passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic about her work. She can help you discover potential, confidence, and abilities you never knew you had. Working with her will definitely help you feel better about yourself and your life. Pam Robinson has helped us change our attitude and outlook on life. She has changed our lives and we now believe we can do, be, and have anything we want. She is a blessing in our lives.
Kevin & Tonya