I am so grateful for it being so warm and comfortable in our home, having a stove to boil water for my delicious hot vanilla chai tea, vanilla chai tea bags, half and half, my daughters being such good Mom’s, marrying a man I would be proud to call my son :), digital photography, being able to see to enjoy the beauty of this world!

Along with writing a Gratitude List, it is very helpful to write a Gratitude Intentions list. This is where you are “praying as if you already received it”. The intention of writing a Gratitude Intentions list is another way to focus on telling your story the way you choose it to be and as a result “feeling better”. When you feel better, you are a match to attracting your desires which also feel good!

Here’s an example of a Gratitude Intentions List:
I am so grateful for
The five new clients I attracted this week
Having all paper work in my work closet organized
Having my car detailed
The fun I had helping my client pass her LSAT exam
Surprising my husband with a wonderful Valentine’s day gift
Selling 10+ copies of my book Ready Set Tap for Moms this week!

We too often focus on “reality” but if we obsessed over how we choose things to be, we will create a different reality! It has worked for me. Try it, it’s fun!