Here’s a challenge for today, take one situation that is really frustrating or brings up a lot of negative emotions for you and make a list of the positive aspects of it. Here’s an example: I really hate my job. Positive aspects: There are some people I enjoy seeing there every day. I do enjoy getting a paycheck regularly. I have a nice view from my window. I enjoy the heat in the winter and the AC in the summer at work that keeps me comfortable. I enjoy getting paid vacation and sick days. I enjoy having the health insurance they provide. I appreciate the contrasts this job provides and now I have a clearer vision of the type of job I choose to have. When we focus on the positive aspects of a situation, and are grateful now for what we have, we open the doors for better opportunities and outcomes to come to us. It is also a proven fact the when we are under stress we are not able to think clearly and see solutions that would be obvious if we were in a calm state. Try it!