I am so grateful for sitting here on the couch with Cat enjoying our coffee/tea, our comfortable couch, having our pool control panel reconnected to our pool equipment, dinner at Breadwinners with Cat last night, the delicious Salmon salad I had there, Baked Kale Chips, spending time with Monica shopping yesterday, the laughs we had training Dingo to keep his butt in the yard, Skype improving their program, having tea over Skype with my friend June in CT.

Do you ever feel down and can’t think of a way to “feel better”, reaching out to others is a great way to lift your spirits. If you don’t have time or the means to travel to visit a friend or relative, you can invest in as little as $10.00 and purchase a webcam- a lot of people I have discovered they have them on their laptops or tablets and don’t even know it! Connecting with people we love and sharing “good news” and fun experiences can be very uplifting. Seeing children we haven’t seen in a while on the webcam, even though these conversations are usually very short, is fun. I used the webcam when my 5 yr old Grandson was a baby and toddler. Because of those experiences he knew his Grandma when I arrived at the airport to see him in person in CT. And Skype, Yahoo Messanger, Facetime, the programs you use for video calls are all FREE!

Another reason I’m encouraging you to get a webcam or use the video you may already have on your computer is because you can create videos that are for your eyes only to tell your story the way you choose it to be. I have done this many times. At first it may feel like lying…but what you are actually doing is obsessing over how you would like your life to be. This technique is much more powerful to elicit positive changes then complaining about “reality”. No one has to see these videos, and they are actually fun to do. Just like gratitude lists, the point in doing these is to feel better, so you match to the people, situations and things you desire. Creating your story using a video and watching it should “feel good”, it’s another way to “pray as of you’ve already received it”.