I choose to be happy, because then I am a match to attracting people, opportunities and outcomes that feel good. I choose to be healthy, so I can enjoy many experiences in this physical body. I choose to be wealthy to enable me to share the wealth with others, allowing us all to have choices regarding how we enjoy our lives. I choose to be wise enough to consistently use The Law of Attraction deliberately in my life to attract my desires, loving relationships, fun and adventures. Therefore I repeat these affirmations to myself, with feeling, throughout the day. When we repeat affirmations with feeling, we are practicing the having of our desires. Our mind doesn’t know the difference between our imagination and reality. When we allow ourselves to feel as if our desires have already come into fruition, God, Source or  Your Higher Power- orchestrates things in the Universe to fulfill our desires.

Affirmations, Law of Attraction, positivity

The Power of Affirmations