Using the same tools I share in my latest book, My Law of Attraction Project Planner, I attracted my horse. I also attracted his great behavior. I was looking and looking for a horse but every one I got on just didn’t match me. On my vision board I had photos of inside the barn & the pastures where he was going to live. An Aber friend was over and I was talking about looking for a horse. She said “no wonder you haven’t found your horse yet, the barn and pasture pictures on your board have no horses!” She was right, immediately I printed off a bunch pics of horses and put them in the barn and pastures. Within 2 weeks I found my horse on Craig’s list. The first time I rode him he was fine. His old owner called him Storm. After I got him home he started acting like a storm. Every time I got on him he threw his head and was very unhappy. I almost sold him within the first two months. Then I thought about the power of words and the feelings behind them. I changed his name to Oreo and I saw him as sweet and fun. He definitely calmed down a lot. At first I had trouble “catching” him in the pasture to ride. I changed that concept in my mind to “connecting” with him- no one wants to be caught. I used visualization, seeing him and feeling his presence in my mind coming over to me. That is what he does now! I’ve had him for 9 years, I love this horse. When he is in the pasture and I call his name he leaves the herd to come greet me. Here we are together a couple weeks ago. ❤️❤️