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Weight Release

  • Want to release weight?
  • Hate getting dressed in the morning?
  • Finding it harder and harder to release weight as you get older?
  • Have you lost weight in the past, only to gain it back?
  • Would you like a program that could help you release weight quickly—without exercise?
  • Interested in a free maintenance program that keeps the weight off?
  • Would you like a Doctor-Approved Program that totally changes the way you look at food while eliminating food cravings and can help you increase your metabolism?
  • Release weight fast with my program, the healthy way- no diet pills, no pre-packaged food, no drugs, and no surgery!

I have maintained my weight after releasing it with my program for 13 years now. At age 69 my age doesn’t determine my weight.

My Personal Weight Release Journey:

After a major move from CT to TX in 2005, going from a very active lifestyle to a much more sedentary one, I found I had gained 21-1/2 lbs.  In my former life, I ran a preschool and daycare, tending to children 10 hours a day.  I was also diligent about working out at the gym three to four days a week, weighing myself every morning, and staying on top of my weight so it didn’t get out of hand.

Here in TX, while I was busy working on starting a new business and working with my clients, I was obviously sitting a lot as a coach. I was not motivated to go to the gym as I did in CT.  Heck, I didn’t even have a scale, so I wasn’t weighing myself daily. Soon I found myself in a size 12 jeans and weighing over 170 lbs. I was very unhappy and frustrated and, when I did focus on releasing weight, it was a slow process.  I began to think to myself, ˆThis is how people gain weight when they get old. They live sedentary lives, get sick or hurt, and can’t exercise.”

After all the struggle, I am so happy to say that I have found an amazingly simple weight release program that enabled me to attain my ideal weight in only 37 days of following the program!

I went from 174.6 to 148 lbs. I released 26.6 lbs in only 37 days of following my program. I ended up weighing even less than I weighed in CT—and from size 12 jeans to a size 6!

Here, see the amazing results for yourself—attained after following the protocol for only 37 days… and with no exercising!

Why not Weight Loss? Because when you lose something you tend to look for it!

My Focus on Your Weight Release program is unique because you will get results faster than you have on any other weight release program. Releasing weight at 1/2 to 1 lb a day is extremely motivating. This is the only weight release program that combines the Emotional Freedom Technique with Guided Imagery to change your mindset, making it easier for you to attain the results you desire.

With my coaching, EFT, and Guided Imagery CD, your self-limiting beliefs, such as “losing weight is hard for anyone over 40, you have to work out to lose anything and starve yourself, everyone that has been through menopause gains weight- it’s just a part of getting older!” will all disappear.

You will be empowered with tools to increase your metabolism, eliminate hunger & specific food cravings as well as reduce stress. One on One coaching is a major part of the Focus on Your Weight Release program, most of us that overeat do it as a means to “feel better” when under stress or even to reward ourselves.

Many people that are overweight don’t overeat, it’s just that their metabolism is screwed up from years of eating more than their body can use daily in the past. The coaching you receive with my program focuses on resolving challenges in your life, enabling you to be proactive and create more joy which reduces stress.  Your body will digest food as it was intended to and you will release the weight with ease. Having a personal weight release coach means you have someone that cares in your corner, encouraging you and helping you with weekly phone calls, e-mails, and one on one personal coaching over the phone or webcam. The One-on-One coaching sessions are designed especially for you and cover any challenges in your life that you would like to eliminate or improve. Attracting abundance, improving relationships, reducing stress and fears are among the many areas I help my clients while coaching them during their weight release journey.

I include personal coaching because I know being overweight isn’t always about the food we eat, there are many reasons our body doesn’t process food well and gains weight, stress is a major contributor. As I coach you to improve in other areas of your life, I am helping you to reduce stress which empowers you to maintain your ideal weight for life. It’s as if you are getting a Makeover- inside and out for success!